Decalogo de fans de Il Divo

1. Respect the members of IL DIVO and their personal and professional decisions (respect their privacy)

2. Do not spread rumors or false information concerning the professional or personal life of the members of Il Divo.

3. Keep the pride of being a fan of Il Divo. …

4. Respect and promote the audiovisual material and original recordings of IL DIVO (Eradication of illegal material.)

5. Respect confidential information that you know, until the information is officialized.

6. Respect the privacy and integrity of family members of IL DIVO.

7. Maintain and promote the atmosphere of harmony and respect in community of fans of Il Divo.

8. Do not claim as your own information from other fans of IL DIVO
(includes copyrighted material). Request authorization to publish a
photo or video from the owner.

9. Eradicate extreme fanaticism and obsessive behavior.

10. Representing the community of fans of IL DIVO with dignity in charitable causes and / or social work.

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